Having a twin sister, financially, scholarships were a necessity in our family. On my journey of finding a college that could be affordable for my family, with an English based education system, it really narrowed down my options. Luckily I came across a school called SP Jain. SP Jain gives international students a great opportunity for several reasons. Firstly, this college not only gives you scholarships based on your grades, but they emphasize the importance of your extracurricular activities. The emphasis on your extracurricular activities is due to the fact that this school is a tri-city program. SP Jain wants to see what kind of person you are and the type of leadership ability you have. Secondly, because this school is looking for diversity, it makes it easier for international students to receive a scholarship. This BBA program is global and they want their students to experience the diversity of this world.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will go more into detail!


Global Learning

SP Jain really gives their students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the cultures of each country through a program called Global Learning. In short, Global Learning are field trips that the school organizes for the students. They take in the suggestion of the students and see what type of activities we would like to try in each country.

In my experience, it really challenges you to try the different activities each country has to offer.  Especially in a country like Dubai, where the transportation is expensive and is not as developed as Singapore, Global Learning really helped us to go places we would’ve otherwise not have bothered to try.