Global Learning

SP Jain really gives their students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the cultures of each country through a program called Global Learning. In short, Global Learning are field trips that the school organizes for the students. They take in the suggestion of the students and see what type of activities we would like to try in each country.

In my experience, it really challenges you to try the different activities each country has to offer.  Especially in a country like Dubai, where the transportation is expensive and is not as developed as Singapore, Global Learning really helped us to go places we would’ve otherwise not have bothered to try.


Studying in SP Jain

Only a handful of colleges give you the experience of traveling the world. From Singapore, to Dubai, to Sydney, one gets to truly experience the diversity of this world through SP Jain.

Here’s SP Jain’s website for those who want some background knowledge:

Let me be completely honest here… SP Jain was presented to me during a very unstable and unclear time in my life. Long story short, one of the biggest issues I faced were financial issues. My family and I were desperately trying to find a college that would give international students scholarships that would be substantial enough for my family to support. If you’re an international student who loves to travel, you might want to try your luck at this school. As I continue to study in SP Jain, I find that the two essential needs in order to survive are;

  1. Ability to adjust
  2. Love for business

Without these, it’s hard to truly succeed in this school. In my case, I’ve never thought of studying business until SP Jain was presented to me.. and oh has it been a journey.

Please don’t be afraid to contact me and ask me questions!